Is your vehicle affected by the airbag recall?

10 Jul 2018
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

You might want to crosscheck with your service center before taking out your car on the road again, as some 99,407 vehicles were recently recalled by its dealership in Oman after the vehicles were determined to have been fitted with faulty airbags.

It is not known if the recalled cars fall under the recent ‘Takata Recalls’ that has affected more than 50 million cars worldwide, but that has already been labeled as the ‘largest recall in automotive history’.

The airbags – upon impact – could malfunction and not protect the passenger from injuries, or worse, death, said the Sultanate’s watchdog, this week [Tuesday, July 10].

As per the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP), the recall was due to the discovery of a material, which upon decomposition inside the protective covering, could rupture the airbags, thereby preventing safe deployment in the event of a crash.

Details of the make of the car wasn’t revealed, but you can check with your local service center if your car has indeed been marked in the recall.


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