Dare to be different with these top 5 beauty trends

28 Jul 2018
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Beauty tips with few boundaries are banging this season’s fashion drum. Here, Sarah Brown suggests what’s on trend for you to try out.

From feather eyebrows to floral eyeliners, holographic hair and corkscrew nails; beauty trends this year appear to be moving from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Thanks to an army of YouTubers and Instagrammers, it’s all about experimenting to hit on a viral trend that will boost your subscriber base and put you on the road to fame and fortune a la Zoella or more current influencers such as Nikkie de Jager, Kandee Johnson and the Dubai-based Hudda Kattan.

Here, Y brings you some of the craziest trends to hit the beauty world this year:

1) Holographic Hair

Forget ombre and mermaid. This year’s hottest hair trend has embraced all things holographic. Think the usual pastel rainbow colours but with a silvery or gold twist that adds “shifting pigments” to your hair to create the holographic look. While the trend takes your hair to a whole new, almost 3D level, hair care companies have come up with a clever way to now get the look. This means the likes of IGK’s Foamo can give you shape-shifting, cosmic hair from the comfort of your own bathroom.

2) Corkscrew Nails

Just last year, one of the biggest fads with beauty YouTubers was to paint their nails with hundreds of layers of nail polish, creating an unattractive lumpy melange of colours. We are truly thankful that this trend failed to take off. But this year, in its place, we’ve got a twist: corkscrew nails, which were created by Kiara Sky Professional Nails. Basically, a nail artist takes a small plastic straw, shapes a gel spiral around it and attaches it to your nail. They then paint the nails and the spiral the same colour, adding a dash of glitter for a 3D effect. 

3) Feathered Brows

It seems our eyebrows haven’t escaped the crazy beauty trend. And to be honest, there’s some odd designs out there, from coat hangers drawn on foreheads as an extension of the eyebrow to even embedding a small garden in them. Perhaps the most intriguing is the ‘feathered’ brow. And yes, to answer your question, it means literally taking your eyebrow and making it resemble a bird’s feather. Created by Finnish make-up artist Stella Sironen, we’ll let the photo do the talking on this one.

4) Yellow Blush/Eye Shadow

Here we were thinking that the 1970-style blue eye shadow and coral lipstick were still the biggest beauty crimes these days. But it seems that yellow blush or eye shadow is now the thing, with some beauty influencers opting to look like they are about to be hired as an extra in Blade Runner. While some experts say that it’s worth a try, we say it’s up there with nose hair extensions (unbelievably, another beauty trend in the social media sphere this year!), wavy brows (so last year) and pimple nail art – a trend we hope to never see again.

5) Floral Eyeliner

This trend emerged on social media during – you guessed it – springtime. Inspired by pretty spring flowers, it’s all about a steady hand as you draw colourful blooms along the top of your eyelid. It’s intricate work so takes quite a bit of practice and patience. We have to say that it’s one of our favourite beauty trends this year although the heat of summer could see your floral theme wilt and melt.

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