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We asked readers to provide us with valuable feedback on depression and its many forms. We received numerous answers, but this stood out from the lot.

WINNER: Nadeem Noor

Mental illnesses, like depression, are silent killers. For many generations, people have decided not to focus on such important issues either by choosing not to address them or failing to understand them.

I suffer from depression and am in a constant battle to keep myself sane. One out of every five teenagers suffers from a mental health issue. Depression makes people feel lonely, makes them want to hurt themselves or even consider suicide. People with depression are very hard to spot. They choose to hide it but if you look closely you will notice it.

They need love and attention; they need someone who can guide and listen to them. The older generation dismisses the condition by calling sufferers lazy or over-dramatic. This is another reason why many kids suffer from mental illnesses. Due to bad family circumstances, a poor connection between parents and children can damage a young child who has no idea why their parents don’t treat them well.

Oman definitely lacks that awareness about mental health. The first step is to get parents to be aware of how their children are feeling. If they have doubts that their kid is having mental health issues, they should sign them up with a psychiatrist. One of the leading causes of suicide is due to parents being harsh towards their own children. The second most important thing is to provide a qualified counsellor in every school.

Even adults face similar issues and end up turning to drugs or alcohol to help numb the pain. This is a very serious issue and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. The longer we let people be depressed, the closer they are to harming themselves or harming others.