Call these numbers in case of an emergency situation in Oman

14 Jul 2018
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Do you know the number to call in case of an emergency? The Royal Oman Police had issued a statement mid-last year with the emergency numbers in Oman. However, it’s best to keep track of it at all times.

Here’s a list of the numbers you need to know of in case of an emergency

Emergency call to Royal Oman Police – 9999

Ambulance services – 9999

Public Authority for Electricity and Water – 1442

ROP traffic services – 2434 3999 and 2434 3998

Passport and Residence services – 2451 2974, 2451 2975 and 2451 2976

Civil Status (Omanis) Services – 2451 1363

Civil Status (Residents) Services – 2452 1885

Combating economic crimes ( Blackmail and fraud) – 2456 9701

Earlier last year, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) had issued a clarification on the activation of a new emergency number – 112. However, the police said that 9999 was still the local emergency number in the Sultanate.

The number 112 is an international emergency number installed on all mobile phones and tablets and works in the absence of a mobile network, local emergency contact in the country from the person is requesting assistance.

Sources: ROP, Public Authority for Electricity and Water

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