5 best fast-food joints in Muscat that you just can’t miss

23 Jul 2018
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

These homegrown American-style fast-food joints with Omani roots are bringing the best of the West to a table near you.

Shawarmas, mishkaks and mandis are all part of the Omani diet: locals will even proclaim the trifecta of dishes to be a staple diet in the Sultanate.

When it comes to indulging in something greasy, though, no one does it better than the Americans – and the Omanis are well aware of that.

Gourmet burger shacks are opening up in the capital and there are more joints in Muscat than in other cities around the globe.

Has the burger fever caught on or is it just a phase? Be that as it may, the Omani folk at Y head out on a gastronomic adventure to seek and find the best burger – and other Western food – outlets in the capital.

They can safely report: “Diving into a thick-patty, cheesy, and calorie-laden burger has never been easier than this.”

Here are their top picks:

1) Slider Station

Location: Shatt al Qurum, Near InterContinental Muscat

There are burger joints, and then there’s the Slider Station. It’s a holy grail for those seeking the best burgers in Oman. Nothing inside shouts vegetarian or mellow (although, we’re sure you can order some greens if you’re interested). The insides are about as decked out and busy as those highway burger shacks you catch in Hollywood movies. Even the rustic-looking menu card is straight out of the good ‘ol US. We began our feast with a plate of Dangerous and Machine Gun sliders – both of which we’re sure will tantalise everyone’s palate, before jumping into the Wild Wild West-looking Delta Force tapas. We’re not very lenient with the word ‘perfect’, but find us a dish better primed than the cheddar-heavy, maple sticky chicken, and West Coast sauce, and we’ll concede defeat. Otherwise, this is the personification of the word ‘perfect’.

2) B & F Roadside Diner

Location: Al Mouj

There’s nothing ‘roadside’ about the B & F Roadside Diner. The décor is inspired by the American countryside shacks of old but with taste. It can be a bit dim for some but there’s not much to complain about. There’s nothing better than digging into the very core of a delectable and meaty DDM burger, and munching on a portion of cheese-covered dynamite fries while enjoying the sea breeze graze your face ever so lightly.

3) London Fish & Chips

Location: Panorama Mall, Azaiba

Buried deep in the corner of the food court in the Panorama Mall, nothing about the London Fish & Chips outlet shouts out to those on the lookout for fast food. But, if you’re willing to surrender to the tang of freshly-fried, lemon-crusted batter on a soft, yet meaty slice of cod, you’re in for a treat. Even with a portion of tartar sauce, it’s healthier than, say, your average American “fatboy” burger but hey, the British do know a thing or two about serving up a great meal without smearing cheese all over it – and that’s what this outlet’s all about.

4) Broccoli Pizza & Pasta

Location: Al Khoud, Seeb

It doesn’t take much to grasp that Broccoli Pizza & Pasta was created by someone looking to fox their parents into thinking that they’ve just opened a healthy eatery. On paper, it is indeed a restaurant looking to serve up scrumptious meals with a dressing of broccoli but deep down you know you’re going to be indulging in a plate of cheesy penne pasta. That’s exactly what we did, and the penne with a healthy dose of cheese, pesto, and broccoli hit the spot after all the cheat meals we’d been having.

5) Italiano Pizzeria & Pasta

Location: Qurum

When it comes to pastas, nobody does it better than the guys down at Italiano Pizzeria & Pasta. Smeared with a fresh dose of mozzarella and parmesan cheese, and garnished with pepper and other secret condiments; a piping hot plate of penne pasta can go a long way. It doesn’t matter that the eatery is dug deep in the heart of Qurum. When you know you’re in for a good treat, you’ll find your way. That’s exactly what we did
last week.

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