Why these Omani-designed playing cards are a pack of diamonds!

20 Jun 2018
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Today, you’re more likely to have your cards dealt from a digital deck – we’re looking at you Windows Solitaire players! However, Y meets one local design company that’s come up with a full house of Omani-inspired playing cards.

The next time you sit down to a game of Hearts or Crazy Eights, don’t be surprised if the hand you’re dealt looks a wee bit different… Illustrated by Samah Al Ansari and Melody D’Souza, each card in FLAWNCHIES’ custom deck features
an eccentric item or design inspired by Omani heritage.

Even the artwork on the front of its poker-sized blue box makes it a standout deck of 52. The colourful pack of cards was produced by urban-wear company FLAWS Inc.’s sub-brand, FLAWNCHIES.

“As a team, we found that we had many creative ideas for merchandise that we’d like to offer, but they didn’t seem to fit under a clothing brand. Therefore, we decided to launch FLAWNCHIES,” Mariam Al Jamali, co-founder of the brand tells Y. “The company was founded to provide us with a creative platform for self-expression through
different objects.”

Currently this unique dealer’s deck is the only merchandise the company is offering outside of their clothing line, but will it be their last? They tell us they have no idea what their next move will be, just as their slogan states: ‘You and I both don’t know what’s coming next.’

So, let’s open this deck shall we and gift it a shuffle! The Joker is an Omani guy sporting a mustache that reminds us of local celebrities from the 80s. The Ace of Hearts features a woman’s hand holding the Oman’s famous refreshing drink – ‘milk rose’. More young Omani characters represent the Jacks in the deck, while a cool Omani woman covered in henna is the Queen, and an older Omani man in a musar (traditional turban) is the King.

Playing their cards right

“We’ve had the idea to design a deck of cards since late 2017, and since Ramadan was slowly approaching we decided that it would be the perfect time to launch such a product as many gather with family and friends during the Holy Month. As an Omani brand, we’re aiming to show elements of our culture with our own touch in our products as can be seen in our deck of cards,” Al Jamali explains.

The deck is being offered for RO 5 and has received very positive feedback since its launch. “The demand has been great with not only customers from Oman, but the GCC as a whole,” states Al Jamali.

If you’re enjoying this funky collector’s item, share this article and follow the creators of this brand on Instagram at @flawnchies.

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