Up close and personal with Lebanese superstar Fady Harb

20 Jun 2018
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When law graduate Fady Harb picked up the oud, little did he imagine that his captivating voice would set the stage alight. Y’s Hassan Al Lawati strums the strings with the popular Lebanese singer.

This is an amazing story of a law graduate who discovered his true calling in music.

Born and bred in Beirut, with roots in Gharifa, Chouf, Fady Harb took to music and never looked back, shortly after receiving his law degree. Enrolling in Lebanon’s National Conservatory of Music to play oud, a year later, in 2002, he won a silver medal on a popular TV talent show and the rest was history. It was a decisive moment for Harb.

In 2017 he had resounding success on the airwaves with his hit song ‘Bataamni Bel Hob’ (‘Do You Believe in Love?’), launched in collaboration with poet and music composer Faris Eskander. And now, Fady Harb is pitching his voice once again to fans with three new songs and a mini-album slated for release by the end of the year.

With a string of songs that built him a solid regional fan-base, and a slew of concerts across the Arab world, the Lebanese singer is in high demand. And, while it was a talent show that proved decisive in launching his music career, Harb isn’t happy about the way such programs hype young rising stars to the point where such rapid, newfound fame and attention could negatively impact their mental and emotional health and well-being when things don’t work out as planned in their favour.

“I think exploiting these rising stars and exaggerating about their potential by members of [the] judging panels may have a negative impact on them,” he vocalises.

Y caught up with the popular singer for sneak peek at his 2018 musical plans – and here’s what Fady Harb had to say:

Y: Your songs are especially popular with the ladies. What draws them in and keeps them hooked on your sound?

FH: Ladies are a big influence on my success and on my songs. They’re a great inspiration in our society and I hold them in high respect.

Y: Tell us your impressions of Oman?

FH: Every year I try to schedule an appearance or two in Oman. I respect the Omani people and their love for life. It’s a country that brings me joy and happiness.

Y: Are there any Khaleeji songs in your repertoire?

FH: During my career I’ve mainly performed Lebanese and Egyptian songs. I won’t deny it – yes, I had some fears when it came to Khaleeji music. I was hesitant about the Gulf dialect, and in order to sing a Khaleeji song I needed to master it fully. For a region that deserves the best, I want to give the highest quality possible that I can deliver.

Y: Give us a glimpse into your upcoming mini album.

FH: There are no words for the enthusiasm I feel for this upcoming album. It just gives me a dose of sheer energy and joy. I’m confident that its release will bring a positive listening experience to audiences and will revive my old songs with my three upcoming new ones. I’ll be launching these three new tracks alongside two video clips and several round-trip appearance tours between Arab countries, the U.S., and Europe, where I’ll host music nights and events for Arab expats.

Y: If could choose one venue/event to perform at, where would it be?

FH: From the beginning, my dream has always been to stand on-stage at the Baalbek International Festival in Lebanon which hosts legends and rising artists. When my dream comes true – then and only then will I think of other dream locations.

Y: Do you think these mass-produced, franchised talent shows are successful in their aim of discovering new pools of global talent and boosting the confidence of those who audition for them?

FH: These kinds of shows have already facilitated a road forward and rapid access for new emerging talents to be in the spotlight. And, while this is a good thing, I think they also run the risk of exploiting these rising stars by exaggerating their potential – which can ultimately have negative outcomes on their well-being.

Stay up to date with Fady’s latest news by following his Instagram page @fadyharbofficial. ν

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