Citrus power: Health benefits of the humble orange

20 Jun 2018
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Eat it whole or drink it down, its tangy tone is unmistakable. More than packing a punch of Vitamin C, Gayathri Das discovers why the orange is one of the most popular citrus fruits.

We’ve all heard the age-old adage that, when flattened by cold and flu, oranges are a sick person’s best friend. Not only rich in Vitamin C, this citrus fruit, belonging to the family of Rutaceae is also abundant in Vitamin A and a host of other nutrients and minerals that provide a great deal of health benefits for those who consume it on the regular.

Eating fresh oranges ,or having a glass of orange juice, can do wonders to your skin – while freshly-squeezed orange juice can minimize the risk of developing kidney stones.

A slew of phytochemicals and flavonoids in the humble orange gives us protection from various infections – including the prevention of ulcers in the stomach and small intestine due to their rich fibre content.

Oranges also have blood-clot inhibiting properties due to the flavonoid Hesperidin, which helps improve and repair cells connected with blood vessels.

High levels of vitamins in the orange help prevent cellular damage caused by high stress and tension. Eating one whole orange a day can help maintain a good cellular system and a healthy lifestyle as a result.

While all citrus fruits are highly beneficial for brain development, the anti-inflammatory property of oranges also plays a major role in treating arthritis, while Vitamin C reduces inflammation.

Studies show that orange juice plays a significant contributing factor in managing blood pressure, with your one a day helping to curb your levels and bring them down. Oranges also aid in lowering bad cholesterol and, with their high fibre content, make you feel full for a longer period of time – leading to better weight management.

Oranges help you to have a healthier and stronger immune system and act as a blood purifier, removing toxins with their antioxidants making you more energetic, active, and healthy. So, whoever said an apple a day keeps the doctor away may want to rethink the motto – but is one fruit better than the other? You could say, it’s apples and oranges!

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