Toddler tantrums: What to do when your child has a meltdown

19 May 2018
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Your little darlings will drive you crazy when they grow up to walking- talking beings. You need to have a game plan to tackle the terrific little persons, writes Gayathri Das.

 The toddler stage of your child is one of the most adorable yet frustrating periods for most parents. It’s a time when kids are so curious and try to learn a lot of things at a rapid pace, like learning to be independent, learning to impress in appropriate and inappropriate ways, etc.

As they learn to walk kids get very passionate about everything around them. They walk around checking everything. They are boundary pushers and they are curious about what will happen if they do different things.

Parents need to have a good strategy to handle their kids at this important stage of their growing up. Toddlers tend to get pulled towards the negative side first which results in not sharing, not sleeping, etc.

They get used to things fast. If you let them push one boundary they tend to keep doing that. Remind yourself of your child’s age constantly and act accordingly. Don’t treat them as an adult. When you gel with toddlers give them choices. This gives them a sense of authority when they need to decide on thing. This way you can get them to do things easily. But give them limited choices.

Avoid giving too many commands but observe closely how they put up with the few you make. Offer them empathy and acknowledge them and avoid trying to reason with them when they are in a mood to throw tantrums. If they act up in public, get them out of the situation and give them time to calm down. Avoid holding a grudge against your toddler for a tantrum they threw some time back. Always assure them that there is a next time.

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