Tips for organising children’s toys

19 May 2018
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Toys in the kitchen, in the sitting room, in the dining room…toys everywhere. That’s a sick, familiar scene. Here are some awesome ways to organise your kid’s toys, writes Gayathri Das. 

The best way to organise your kids’ toys is by way of sorting them out and keeping them in different, labelled bins. Just a big, single box does not work. The problem with such a toy box is that kids tend to dump it to get what they want and the room gets messed up in the process even before they start playing.

With assorted bins with labels kids find it easy to get what they want. These bins help keep the room tidy when the kid puts the toys back into the respective bins after playing. Keep similar stuffs in a bin and label them, like cars in one bin, soft toys in another, animals in yet another, etc. A picture label is the best bet.

Sort the toys regularly and rotate the baskets. Keep the boxes of toys they often play with within their easy reach and the others where they can’t reach. Rotate these boxes once they get bored with the toys they regularly play with.

Remove from the room the toys you are sure they won’t play with any more. Don’t keep that task for later as you will end up piling up unwanted toys. Give the toys in good condition to an orphanage and safely dispose of the damaged ones.

Use zip lock bags for small toys, like puzzles, and label them and keep all zip lock bags in a bin. Kids tend to collect strange things like stones, shells, etc. Don’t discourage them but make sure you give them zip lock bags to keep the collections. This will help you keep their room organised.

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