Public fury of fuel price hike: ‘Is it petrol or gold?’

01 May 2018
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For the first time since the beginning of the fuel crisis, M91 petrol has touched 212 baisa/litre in Oman.

The National Subsidy System on Monday announced the new fuel prices for May.

Starting from this month, drivers will pay 212 baisa/litre for M91 petrol, 222 baisa/litre for M95, and 245 baia/litre for diesel.

Omanis took it to Twitter to voice their frustration over the ever-rising fuel prices.

Many expected cheaper prices this month following the recovery in crude oil prices, which crossed $70.

“Can someone explain to the people in charge of the fuel prices that Oman does not have a transportation network and that citizens are forced to use a private car?” Twitter user @alqutiti99  said.

“We told you a year ago that only our prices go down. This is the yummy petrol,” a local perfume company tweeted.

“Is petrol gold? This rise is at an all-time high. I have a 5.7 litre engine vehicle and I am now going to sell that and go for a smaller car instead,” said Said al Barami, who works in a private sector company in Muscat.

To some, a picture tells a thousand words

Others used the trending hashtag in a more creative way.

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