Pop culture with an Omani filter? Going viral with Greek artist Kostis Grivakis

24 May 2018
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Greek artist Kostis Grivakis has become Oman’s latest internet sensation after AJ+ shared a video of his Omani-influenced collages.

The 46-year-old art teacher likes to ‘Omanise’ famous paintings – with his latest Omani remake of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle going viral today (Wednesday).

Grivakis’s love affair with the Sultanate started a few years ago when, on a visit to Wakan — a mountain village in South Batinah, his car broke down. In Oman for a short visit, the unexpected breakdown meant a chance at missing some of the sights to be explored on his busy itinerary.

Little did he know that a momentary setback would turn into a lasting cultural connection when a group of young Omanis lent him a helping hand. “Local people helped me get back to Muscat,” he said. “I will never forget that.” Since then, Grivakis has dedicated his work to promote Omani culture through his truly unique creations.

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