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Omani photographer chosen for National Geographic’s ‘Your Shot’

Renowned Omani photographer Anas Al Dheeb’s snapshot has just earned him a selection on National Geographic’s ‘Your Shot’.

@NatGeoYourShot is a community-driven photography page on Instagram that features the most breathtaking global images submitted for consideration by photographers from around the world.

Al Dheeb describes his photo, entitled ‘Bird’s Eye’: “Sardines are one of the most famous kind of fish in Oman. In the south of my country, people still practice the old style of fishing by gathering the sardines by hand to the net, and carrying it on their shoulders to the market.”

National Geographic ‘Your Shot’ producer David Y. Lee was vocal about his feedback on Instagram to Al Dheeb’s eye-catching image, stating: “This is so beautiful Anas. I love the aerial perspective – I often see this scene from the beach, so to witness it from above is awesome. I love it. The shapes, textures, and patterns created in your frame is fantastic. I love the layer of birds flying above, circling for potential food. I love this photo. Very, very well done.”

Al Dheeb is known for documenting cultural activities in Oman through is lense – especially in Dhofar where he comes from.

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