How did Google help this Oman-based artist to become an overnight celebrity?

09 May 2018
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Oman-based Malaysian artist became an overnight celebrity when Google shared her paper art. Hasan al Lawati learns quilling skills from Fairus Hussain

Fairus Hussain was blissfully asleep in her Muscat residence when Google reposted her artwork. It was midnight in Oman when the Malaysian artist living in Oman became —literally — an overnight celebrity.

As part of its weekly #MySuperG campaign, Google featured her paper artwork on its official Instagram handle, and Fairus’ Super Gcreation received more than 90,000 likes.

Her paper art looks simple, but it requires three elements, or, as she likes to put it, three ‘P’s: passion, patience and precision.

After burying herself in work in an insurance firm in Bahrain for years, she took a break in 2013 after the birth of her daughter, Balqees. It was then she stumbled upon a hobby that soon became a passion.

She started collecting coloured paper to create a scrapbook. Somewhere along the way the thin strips of paper got rolled into amazing shapes that soon drew eyeballs and she started receiving commissions from people who took a fancy to her filigrees.

Quilling involves the use of paper strips. The artist rolls, shapes, and glues the pieces to create shapes and colourful decorations.

“I learned paper quilling from YouTube videos, Pinterest and other websites,” she says.

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Responding to the popularity and interest in her works of art, Fairous began contributing her creations  to magazines, colleges, websites and a new search engine service, with prices ranging from RO50 to RO120.

“This encouraged me to start my ‘Letter series’ in February,” she says.

Letter G grabbed global attention after it was shared by Google, but Fairus had already sold the work at a school bazaar a week before that.

“I do not have the student’s contact. The piece is gone,” she adds with a smile.

Fairus is a positive soul, and so are her artworks.”I try to spread positivity through art and my captions reflect my thoughts.”

The ABC series is her favourite one so far and she does illustrative paper art as well. Her work has crossed borders and she has clients from Europe and the United States.

Her latest work was for a Tunisian University that just celebrated its 120th anniversary.

After her successful participation in a school bazaar, Fairus will take part in the Women’s Guild bazaar on May 10 at the Sundus Rotana.

She has more than 150 posts on her Instagram and often participates in online art contests to pepper her digital presence.

You may join Farius Hussain 1,600 followers at her Instagram @firose_art

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