Four Kickstater gadgets that you would love to fund

30 May 2018
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Crowdfunding website has a collection of upcoming devices hugely funded by people. Back them up and enjoy some extra benefits, says Hasan al Lawati

Travel with a translator

Travelling nowadays is cheaper and easier than it has ever been. However, many still avoid visiting countries that communicate in a tongue they don’t understand.

But imagine understanding 16 languages without the need to go through any learning process! Mesay 2.0 is a portable machine that instantly translates into 16 languages.

The usage of artificial intelligence for translation guarantees that 97 percent of the translations is accurate.

The languages Mesay 2.0 deals with are English, Chinese, Cantonese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Russian and Greek — all of which can be translated simultaneously back and forth.

What an easy way to make foreign friends!


Bone of your dog’s content

When humans are shifting from playing yoyos to more sophisticated, high-tech video games, it is time the dogs followed in our footsteps. Wickedbone, an intelligent and interactive device, will save you from buying real bones for your dog to play with.

The gadget features an emotional system that can react to different actions of your dog. It also entices the dog to play by moving around on its own.

Wickedbone is also easy to clean: its detachable tires and protective cover are very easy to remove and clean.


Keep a tag on food wastage

Studies have revealed that in Oman we throw in the trash food worth RO57 million a year. While hotels and restaurants can be blamed for much of this monstrous wastage, common men too contribute to this mountain of waste. Just check your fridge and count the food items that have been there for so long that there is no way you are putting them in your mouth.

OvieSmarterware comes with a practical solution to keep track of your food. The device, a smart tag, can be attached to your food packs and, based on a data base, it will send notifications to your phone to let you know about the state of the food.

The LED light ring on the tag changes as time passes to visually alert you about the food.

Basically, the device helps you remember to use or eat food you have stored in the fridge and thus cut down on food wastage.


Head start on the road

HUD NEOTOKYO is a car head-up display that helps you drive safely without taking your eyes off the road.

It displays driving information within the driver’s field of vision and enables one to check important aspects such as speed while keeping one’s attention fixed on what is in front.

Such features have become increasingly common, particularly in high-end cars, but this model of the HUD NEOTOKYO line allows you to instal it inside your vehicle as an aftermarket product.

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