Four incredibly helpful apps for Muslims in Ramadan

16 May 2018
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Four incredibly helpful apps for kids as well as adults in the holy month of Ramadan and beyond. From Islam to values, fashion and games, they deal with a wide range of useful things, says Hasan al Lawati

Value added

While we learnt about the life of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) at school when we were kids, the Seerah app provides kids of today with a better, more engaging way to learn about Islam and the Prophet (PBUH).

It helps instil the values of Islam in children, such as honesty, trustworthiness and loyalty.

The app available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices takes children on an interactive journey through the life of the Prophet (PBUH).


Perfect time

Azan (prayer call) timings are way more anticipated in Ramadan than in any other month of year. Muslims break fast after the evening Azan, and this app helps you have the accurate times.

While the app comes equipped with all the information a Muslim would need not just during Ramadan but throughout year, the Qibla compass helps Muslims enjoying iftar at different locations get the exact direction of the Kaaba.


 Space quest

Religions are often accused of being anti-science, but this app makes sure that Muslim kids stay religious as well as completely aware of the world around them and outer space .

Noor Quest is a beautifully designed game that allow kids to venture through outer space as they race to maintain the space masjid that they have been tasked to take care of.

Coming from the studios of award-winning designer Peter Gould, the app introduces basic Arabic letters and the Holy Quran in a fun, entertaining and educational way with friendly, engaging and relatable characters, funky space sounds, vibrant graphics and a cool space masjid.


Step out in style

Most people stick to a modest dress code during the holy month, but that need not mean one stays out of style.

Modanisa, a popular e-shopping platform, keeps you in touch with the latest trends in Muslim clothing and hijab. and app opens a new fashion world for women while adopting the Islamic way of dressing with a wide range of products such as abayas, tunics, Muslim dresses and nightwear.

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