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Fast and be fit: Your Ramadan healthy eating guide

Choose wisely, eat slowly and chew well to savour the benefits of fasting, body and soul, says Gayathri Das

Fasting during Ramadan has multiple blessings: spiritual as well as physical; psychological as well as social. But the benefits one is  rightly entitled to in the month of abstinence, self-discipline and restraint are wasted by people who indulge in overeating after breaking fast, inviting a host of health issues especially related to indigestion such as stomach cramps, bloating, acidity and diarrhoea.

Families and friends bond over food during Ramadan as they get together to break fast. Often the tastiest of recipes are laid out for suhoor and iftar leading to binging on unhealthy foods.

Despite all the resolutions it may prove to be a bit difficult to make wholesome choices when you have several tasty options in front of you. But truth remains forever unchanged:  if you want to reap the benefits of fasting you need to mind what you eat.

Here are a few tips that could help you fast and reap the benefits: