Board Game Review: Overseers

09 May 2018
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Hasan al Lawati tries to strike a balance between good and evil, drafting, bluffing and deceiving on his way to stealing the winning traits

In this fast-paced card game you need to reach a deal amid the never-ending war between good and evil. Find the best balance, or completely crush it for your own good.

The forces of good and evil have been coexisting since humans were created. In this bluffing and card-drafting game, you will control cards that represent three vices (greed, lust and anger) and three virtues (courage, hope and benevolence).

You play as an Overseer, and the objective is to use the traits to create the most dominant combination by striking a balance between the two opposing pillars that have different attributes — and both can grant you points.

In this three-to-six-player game, you will draft cards to achieve the best possible score and try to deceive your way during the game to convince the others you are not the strongest player.

In each round, after drafting your hand combination, you reveal three cards and keep two face down.

After all players do the same, you proceed to the judgment phase.

Given the information available, players can discuss and decide which player has the strongest possible combination.

After voting, if the chosen player admits that he/she possibly  has the highest score, he/she could choose any two cards of his combination of five and discard them.

If the chosen player denies the possibility of being the best-scoring player, all Overseers reveal their combination to start the showdown phase.

If the chosen player has the strongest combination, they lose the two cards that grant the most points. If not, they get rewarded with an additional card of their choice from what is left of the discard pile.

Following this phase, all players start counting their points and collect coins based on the result.

The twist is: Every Overseer  — which are randomly distributed — has special abilities that are activated during the game’s eight phases.

These abilities can change the outcome as they can cover your intentions, increase points from specific cards, steal cards from your opponents, and more.

The beautifully designed box comes with a rule book, 80 victory points, six voting tokens, 11 character cards, 36 game cards, and six player-aid cardboards.

The cards feature Asian-themed graphics of women in revealing clothes which may not be appropriate for kids.

Playing time: 30 minutes

Age: +16

Designer: Guan Chih Huang

Rating: 6/10


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