Board Game Review: Stone Age

02 May 2018
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How about going back in time: hunting and gathering to survive? Hasan al Lawati experiences a taste of tough life our ancestors had

The road to build civilisation was not easy, and in this game you go through the hurdles that primal humans faced thousands of years ago.

In Stone Age, you go back to the pre-historic era where you need to gather resources to build huts and trade to keep your people alive.

In this worker-placement game, you get to place your tribe members in different areas of the board. Each location has exclusive benefits.

You can assign workers to collect food, wood, clay, rocks or gold. You can also boost your dice roll through enhancing your weapons.

Sounds easy? It is not. The game is extremely competitive as players cannot share most of the locations. The starting player occupy a location that prevents other players from utilising its benefits.

Players take turns in placing their figures which can be increased through breeding. Upon assigning all of them, the starting player gets to activate the locations in whatever sequence he/she likes.

While there are tonnes of strategies to collect points and win the game, it is very important to strike a balance between feeding your tribe and purchasing huts or gathering resources.

Designed by Bernd Brunnhofer, the basic games can be played by 2-4 players. A fifth player can be added in its expansion.

It might take you around two hours to finish the game on your first attempt but it gets easier and faster as you learn.
Easy to learn, Stone Age is just lovely and it includes cute figures. It is also one of those games where you cannot predict the winner until the scoring round.

And that part comes after a certain number of huts are purchased.

My tabletop-enthusiast friends agree that it is easily one of the best games of our collection. While it lacks a battling feature, which is a bummer for an overly competitive player like me, Stone Age offers smarter, more peaceful ways to kill your friend’s dreams of building a civilisation.

Game Name: Stone Age
Rating 7/10
Designed by: Bernd Brunnhofer
Playing time: 60-120 minutes
Genre: Worker placement and dice rolling

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