Temperature crosses 40 Celsius in Oman

02 Apr 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

As summer is looming, temperatures in a number of Omani wilayats have crossed 40 degree Celsius on Sunday, April 1st, according to the Oman Meteorology Department.

In Bidiyah, it touched 41.2 C, while the temperature in Liwa reached 41.7 C.

The weather soared in Bidbid, Zamaim, Qabil and Sur, crossing 40 C.

On the other hand, a number of areas enjoyed a cooler weather.

Temperature in Ibri was only 19.6 C, while it was around 18 in Maqshin, Suniynah, Mahdha, and Haima.

The lowest temperature was recorded in Saiq, with 16.7 C.

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