Scent of summer

18 Apr 2018
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As you put away the jacket and bring out the sun dresses, it’s time to spread a whiff of  fresh smell

Summer is already here and we are sure you have already planned your summer fashion and beauty routines. But have you given a thought about a good summer perfume?

Yes, summer season is known for perspiration more than normal, and so you need an aroma that covers up the smell of sweat and keep you always fresh. Here are three perfumes that we recommend for this summer.

1. Gucci Bloom: Just as the same suggests, Gucci Bloom is filled with floral essence that instantly spreads fresh flowery aroma around covering up body odour. A short spray will instantly transport you to a thriving garden of flowers. This is a perfect perfume for those who love the fragrances of light flowers and natural blends. Bloom is also Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s first perfume for the house.

2. Valentino: Donna Hair Mist: Were you thinking perfumes are only for the skin? Well Valentino says no. The Donna Hair Mist from the house of Valentino is an instant freshener for hair. It protects and conditions hair giving an instant shine and of course a smooth scent all over. Filled with rose essence and a liberal blend of bergamot and iris pallida, the fragrance spreads around whenever you wave your hair, making heads turn.

3. Kenzo World: If you are looking for something that you can spritz for all summer, then Kenzo World is your go-to. This light, yet bold perfume is a combination of peony, jasmine and radiant Ambroxan crystal that spells pure freedom. Easy to snug it in your purse, this perfume can be carried anywhere and spritzed anywhere, anytime.

So, what is your choice of perfume this summer? A complete white flower fragrance from Gucci or a combination of peony and jasmine from Kenzo? Or saying yes to the hair mist from Valentino. Whatever it may be, happy fragrant summer.

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