Omani business-friendly app makes it to AIM Startup finals in UAE

16 Apr 2018
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Omani-designed app ‘Anawen’ had made it to the finalis of AIM Startup 2018, an initiative by the UAE’s Ministry of Economy.

Anawen is an innovative solution to the addressing problem in the Arab countries, done through sophisticated technologies for owners of the companies to assist them in their logistics.

The app’s developing team consist of four main partners Faris Al Juma, Al Harith Al Juma, Hamood Al Essai and Saif Al Essai.

“The goal is to provide the logistics solutions that are accessible by large companies for all small and medium enterprises at nominal costs and user friendly and accessible easily to companies,” said Faris.

“Our mission, is to develop and sustain various tech services by providing applications which will fasten the delivery processes and ensure the end consumer’s satisfaction,” he added.

He explained that in the Middle East “especially in the Gulf, people face the issue of being unable to describe their location in a fast and easy way. We usually must describe it repeatedly every time we purchase an item and sometimes to one company we’ll have to describe it to the seller and then again to the driver which is not efficient nor to the company or to the customer as time spent is wasted rather than spent in something productive.”

With Anawen, you can register with a phone number and use it as an ID to your locations, where then you’ll be able to pin point your exact location through a map and choose other locations you wish to deliver to.

“When a person goes to a company that is partnered with Anawen he should only provide them with his Phone number and tell him if he wants it delivered to his house or office etc.Your Phone number is your address,” Faris added.

“Through GPS technology we can associate the customers Phone Number with his GPS coordinates, rather than writing unclear directions or not a standardized address through the country, a person easily can write his phone number and the business will know his address,” he concluded.

Partnered with over 30 companies and currently in testing phase with company called Hadaya, an e-commerce platform selling gifts and chocolate

AIM Startup is an initiative by the UAE’S ministry of Economy that aims to be a link between promising startups and business investors as well as business partners from various parts around the globe.

The Competition hosts mainly three activities. One of those activities is workshops that it hosts in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, and Riyadh. These workshops help them to help entrepreneurs to achieve their business targets and long-term goals.

The second activity is a Middle East show and pitching competition that takes place in Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Jeddah, KSA, and Bahrain. The third activity is an annual event that it holds where the competition takes place.

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