Y Contest: My Road Safety Pledge

25 Apr 2018
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Children will write it and parents will sign it — let’s take the pledge together towards the priceless: safer roads.

Y calls out children and parents to join the ‘My Road Safety Pledge’ and win fabulous prizes

Road safety awareness plays a significant role in shaping the attitudes and behaviours of children and young people – guaranteeing they become responsible drivers, passengers and pedestrians in the future.

To teach children from a young age to be aware of the traffic rules and regulations, the Y magazine is once again conducting the “My Road Safety Pledge” competition.

To participate in the competition children will write a “My Road Safety Pledge” on behalf of their parents in a custom-made card distributed along with this edition of Y. The “My Road Safety Pledge” card has a space wherein children can pen the pledge on behalf of their parents.

The Road Safety Pledge has to be counter-signed by their parents as the purpose is also to promote the message of road safety to parents through their children.

Nishad Padiyarath, editor of the Y magazine, said: “The authorities in the Sultanate have come up with new rules and are ensuring their implementation to make roads in Oman safe. In our own way we want to support the government in fulfilling its mission to make the country’s roads safer.

The intention of this competition is to make sure that children are aware of road safety from a young age. The intention is also to involve the parents as they too need to be reminded of the importance of road safety.

We want to make parents more mindful of their behaviour behind the wheel and we believe that parents taking the pledge along with their children is going to help fulfil the objective of this competition. Parents need to be more aware of their role, about crash and injury risk to children, and about behavioural strategies to ascertain safety on roads.

Through this activity we hope to make parents better road safety role models for their children. We ask the children to make the pledge as creative and effective as possible as there are attractive prizes to be won.”

The best three pledges will win a cash reward of RO75 (first place), RO50 (second place) and RO25 (third place).

Once the Road Safety Pledge is written on the supplied card, parents are requested to drop the card at designated drop boxes across Muscat before May 19 when the contest closes.

An on-ground activation event where children will colour the cards and take the Road Safety Pledge will be held on May 11.

The winners of the “My Road Safety Pledge” competition will receive their prizes at a special ceremony to be held on June 2.

Always remember

  • Children should be taught the correct road crossing technique.
  • Parents or an accompanying adult should always hold hands of children when they are on the road.
  • Children don’t have the understanding to cope in a traffic situation and therefore need to be constantly supervised on the road.
  • Make sure your child gets in and out of the car away from the traffic side.
  • Make sure all passengers including children wear a seat belt or child restraint as the new rules in Oman require back passengers too to wear seat belts.
  • Around schools be extra alert especially when driving past a stationary bus as children often run out in front of and from behind buses to cross the road.
  • As a driver, you should be very careful when reversing. Before you enter the vehicle, walk behind the vehicle to make sure there are no children behind the car and check for children and other pedestrians nearby.
  • As parents, set a good example for your children on how to be safe as a passenger, pedestrian, and driver by not speeding, by not jumping traffic lights, by not overtaking dangerously, by not shouting or yelling at other road users, or by not showing aggressive driving behaviours.
  • Instruct your child to always follow the rules for car safety – even if you are not present.
  • Dropbox locations

    SPAR Darsait
    SPAR Al Hail
    SPAR Madinat Sultan Qaboos

Competition rules:
• The competition is open to children aged 16 and under.
• Cards must be completed by children only and then signed by a parent or guardian. Entries will be disqualified if there is evidence of parental involvement.
• Entries received after the closing date of March 26 will not go forward to the judging stage.
• Children of employees of SABCO Media or associated companies are excluded from taking part.
• The editor’s decision is final.
• Winners will be notified by email or telephone.

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