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Home and equipped

On a hot summer day when you choose to stay at home it’s fun to snuggle into the sofa and watch a movie, listen to music or catch up with your favourite TV show. Alvin Thomas tunes in to gadgets that could amp up the at-home mood

Life’s Good

It’s important to have the right peripherals when you plan to binge watch your favourite television series or movies. And a good television will only enhance your experience further; a laptop screen (sometimes) just won’t cut it. In view of that, check out the all-new LG OLED C7 television which comes in 55-inch and 65-inch iterations. The OLED panel offers flexible brightness and light control without sacrificing the dynamic range of the display. The result is a brilliant display that is contrast-heavy but still natural. Apart from that, it also boasts an ultra-thin bezel and thickness, SMART TV with webOS 3.0, and 4K streaming capabilities. It is available at LuLu Electronics for RO655

Cheap and Cheerful

As televisions advance in technology, so do their prices. But the Samsung UE32K5600 is in the news for all good reasons. The 32-inch LCD (with Edge LED) television will offer you all the bells and whistles that you’d expect. For instance, it comes with a Game Mode to adapt to gamers with consoles, a Tizen-based SMART TV platform, (Full HD) 1080p resolution and three HDMI ports. It may not be as sharp as, say, a full-LED TV, but it does offer excellent black-level response and an incredibly effective dynamic contrast system to make darker scenes more natural. Buy this from all leading electronic stores for RO147

Live in style

The perfect home theatre set-up requires an equally great home entertainment system. And as has been the norm for decades, it’s Bose with its Lifestyle 650 that steals the show. It’s the best 5.1 system from the stables – and is perfect for viewing movies, listening to music or just playing games in a large house. The Omni Jewel satellite speakers are the smallest speakers from Bose but create 360-degree sound for maximum effect and a thorough listening experience. All of this is then finished with a stunning premium glass and brushed anodised aluminium shell. Buy it for RO1,540 from amazon.com

Cast It

Let’s face it: The need for traditional satellite or cable TV is at an all-time low with the inception of high-speed Internet. And as Oman is slowly adopting fibre optic networks, it only makes sense to use the Internet to stream your favourite television channels, movies and series. That’s where the Google Chromecast comes in: It’s a compact dongle that grants you access to the internet. You can also download applications (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.) for your viewing needs. The device is lightning quick – and it pairs with your smartphone. Your smartphone will also turn into an interactive remote control. There are 1080p and 4K resolution variants of the device, so choose wisely. It’s easy to set up too: You plug it into your TV’s HDMI port and play. Buy this from LuLu Electronics for RO19