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18 Apr 2018
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Summer is here, and many of you may be packing up to spend some time in cooler climes. Here are some gadgets that could make your holiday a breeze

Get charged up

This magical, super handy charger allows you to charge up to four USB devices from one single socket.
If you need to charge your phone or a laptop in airports or hotels, this light, compact gadget will save you the worry. It also comes with clip-on adapters that allow you to use it in 150 countries. Buy it from Amazon for RO7.7.

Washing machine in your pocket

Your time is precious, especially when travelling, so why waste it by going to the laundry to wash your dirty clothes?
To all hardcore backpackers, this pocket-sized invention is your new best friend on the go.

Scrubba Wash Bag is a modern take on the old-fashioned washboard: hundreds of internal Scrubba nodules efficiently clean clothes in minutes. Buy it from Amazon for RO15.

Brew on the go

Coffeeholics face a hard time to get their favourite drink while camping.

This kickstarter-funded project allows you to have fresh coffee anywhere!

Sablier Portable Drip Coffee Maker is portable and spares you from wasting paper cups and time as the brewing process takes just a few minutes. Buy it from for RO17.


Pop it easy

Asobu PB55-9333

Sleek and stylish, this water bottle with a built-in pill organiser could store 590ml of the drink of your choice and has separate compartments to keep pills for each day of the week.

Though the concept is pretty simple and straight forward, this bottle comes handy for people who need to take medicine every day of the week, especially when they go on holiday. Available in multiple colours, you could buy it from Amazon for RO4.5.

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