Column: Glitter and glam in Oman

11 Apr 2018
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Fans flock to them and cameras flash incessantly when celebrities turn up. Sonia Ambrosio relives the moments when ‘Muscatwood’ rolled out the red carpet

For a few seconds, I had a taste of the red carpet lined up with photographers and their glowing flashes. The glamour of the evening showed me how media attention can develop big egos.

Then, I realised: celebrities, actors, athletes, and musicians build their reputations on more than talent. They all craft for themselves a mediate persona. After all, image is a commodity. And a friendly media allows superstars to present a constructed version of themselves.

That was my stardom experience at the closing ceremony of the 10th. Muscat International Film Festival. For the first time, I met fresh-faced filmmakers from Oman. In all smiles, I was in Muscatwood – an allusion to Hollywood and Bollywood.

The icing was to chat, even if briefly, to the famous Omani actress Fakhirya Khamis. There were so many questions to ask her about cinema culture and industry, but c’mon that was an evening of glitz, glamour, awards, and egos.  I had to bite my tongue and refrain from my deep-seated journalistic mind.

Throughout the ceremony, photographers, journalists, and cameramen were busy clicking on anything that moved. Little girls trying to get the autographs of their idols, while proud parents tiptoed to have a photo of their darlings with Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala.

The gala event made it vital for selfies. Like bees on flowers, everybody wanted to snap with their idols, including me! It was a great show of uniqueness, with everyone highly aware and receptive of the cameras.

The curtains are down for now, but the hopes of local producers are bound to flourish and improve until the next festival when constellations once again will descend on Muscat. In order to capitalise, one has to invest and this is a sector that deserves attention.

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