Childhood heroes

09 Apr 2018
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Kind and patient, grandparents are a kid’s childhood heroes full of humour and life lessons. The circle of love for a child will be incomplete without them around

The nuclear family concept has started detaching kids from their grandparents. This is not a positive sign for a child’s growth. It’s always better to have grandparents around for the healthy development of a child. Being with grandparents shapes up their character and personality.

The morals and values children get from their grandparents are rich. Their experience in life will be much more than what parents can give the children and the importance of values and morals are transferred to our children indirectly through stories or chats with grandparents.

The love and affection grandparents can give kids is unmatched. They are the best caregivers compared to anyone else. Parents always find it difficult to deal with their children’s tantrums, whereas grandparents have a unique way of dealing with them.

Grandparents can always be your child’s best friend. The bonding between them will be special if you let your kids be with them and you can see a positive change in them.

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