Oman’s AER teaches people how to spend less on electricity

22 Apr 2018
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The Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER) organised a 3-day campaign at Muscat Grand Mall to raise awareness on energy consumption.

Around 46 per cent of total electricity consumption in Oman goes towards powering residential sector and almost 70 per cent of total electricity bills are paid for running air conditioning.

The campaign consisted of half-hour sessions aimed to provide the general public with simple reliable information about the efficiency gains that can be achieved from air conditioning through regular maintenance and efficient operations.

Faisal Baabood Project Specialist at the Authority said, “Air conditioning is an invaluable way of controlling temperatures in homes yet this device alone is responsible for the highest consumption of electricity in any home.

Our studies have highlighted that the largest energy end-use at homes goes towards space cooling, with reported figures indicating that as much as 70% of total residential electricity consumption going towards cooling during the summer months.”

He added, “It has become evident that simple actions taken by people can have a dramatic impact on the consumption of energy in their homes. Research indicates that regularly maintaining AC’s can have a significant influence the performance and overall efficiency of Air Conditioning units.”

AER is dedicated to regulating the electricity and related water sector and ensuring protection of customers’ interests and continuity of services supply.

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