10 Super foods for children

18 Apr 2018
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Most of them are easily available, you need only a few minutes to prepare some of them, and they are a powerhouse of all things essential for your children’s health and growth. Gayatrhi Das picks 10 super foods kids

Make sure your child has a healthy breakfast. This will help them perform well throughout the day. Most kids rush to school just drinking a glass of milk, but this alone will not help them get the right nutrition.

Try feeding them a few almonds, egg, vegetable sandwich or anything easy yet healthy for their breakfast.

Make sure you give your children the correct portion for their stage. Don’t overfeed them which will gradually make them overeat.

The top super foods for a child’s brain development are:

1. Whole grain: This gives your child’s brain the energy needed for proper working and better motor coordination as the glucose level is optimum. Go for whole grain bread or cookies.

2. Berries: Berries and strawberries are high in antioxidants and help in cognitive skills. They are good for improving memory power and vitamin C helps in their immune system. Add these to a desert or their oatmeal.

3. Yoghurt: This is a good source of protein, fat and vitamin B. The fat present in yoghurt is necessary for brain health. You can serve yoghurt along with rice or use flavoured yoghurt as a dessert.

4. Fish: It contains omega3 and vitamin D and prevents memory loss and protects the cognitive ability. If your child is reluctant to eat fish, try fish oil or supplements.

5. Nut butters: Nut butters are good for overall growth. Peanut butter, cashew and almond butter are rich in fat. You can use them on toast.

6. Greens: Greens are rich in vitamins and folic acid. It promotes the growth of new brain cells. You can make chips out of greens or make salads or sandwiches for your little ones.

7. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is rich in fibre and protein and helps to maintain the arteries of the brain and helps in better memory tasks and map skills.

8. Water: Water is always ignored for children. School-going children drink very little water and this affects their brain functioning. When children get dehydrated they become irritable and lethargic and won’t be able to listen or memorise.

9. Apples and plums: These are good for children when they are sluggish. Add them to preparations your kids like and make sure you give them organic fruit.

10. Broccoli and cauliflower: These vegetables help in the effective communication of the brain with rest of the body parts. You can use this in salads or other preparations.

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