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Winner of Puck’s Mother’s Day contest announced

Children poured out their love for their mums and the judges were overwhelmed by the bond and emotion in the moving messages. Mum’s the word and world for them

“Thank you mum for being there. I love you more than words can say. You are my heart and that is where you will stay,” says the prize-winning card made by Falak Fathma, showing just how much she cares for her mother.

Falak and several other children enthusiastically participated in a special competition organised by the Y magazine in collaboration with PUCK to commemorate Mother’s Day in the GCC, which was celebrated on March 21.

The fourth edition of the competition witnessed hundreds of submissions from children across the capital who conveyed their eternal affection for their mothers. Children used their creativity and imagination to express their everlasting love for their mother.

Nishad Padiyarath, editor of the Y magazine, said: “We are delighted with the response, overwhelming quality response, we have received. It was truly difficult for the judges to pick the best three from the multiple entries.

The children through their love-filled cards proved what Rudyard Kipling once famously said, ‘God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.’ I was particularly touched by a card made by Matvey Spencer for his mother who is battling cancer. Each of the card spoke of an emotional bond between mother and child.

From funny ones to truly moving messages, they made exclusive cards for their mums, with exceptional ideas and designs. They are sure to make their mum’s heart melt.”

He added: “I would like to congratulate the top three winners Falak Fathma, Sri Lakshmi and Israt. Hats off to all those who participated, their work was commendable too.”

Children up to 16 years were eligible for the contest. They had to pick up special cards inserted in the Y magazine and fill it with a heartfelt message of love for their mothers.


First prize winner:

Falak Fathma
Age: 11

Second prize winner:

Sri Lakshmi
Age: 12

Third prize winner:

Age 14

Special Mention: Matvey Spencer
Age: 10

The winners will be invited to Y magazine’s office where they will be honoured along with their mums at a special ceremony.

Dates will be notified later.

The top three entries will also be framed and given back to the participants for them to present to their mothers as a keepsake.