Smarting over the phones

09 Apr 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

The phones are turning our brain cells lazy and slowing down our ability to respond to various situations in the normal, logical way. Gayathri Das checks out the latest alerts on technology addiction

Studies are proving that technology has started killing our brain cells by shutting down our thinking process and making us addicted to various new technologies.

We are not able to concentrate on the task on hand as notifications on our phones divert our focus and attention.

We are so much dependent on our phones that we may miss an important meeting or our near and dear one’s birthdays unless we get the notification.

The constant flow of notifications is increasing our stress hormones, making us anxious to respond to the alerts and check out the message which might not even be important. In the long run, such anxiety and excitement will lead us to danger.

Studies have also shown that analytical thinkers rely on their brainpower to solve a problem whereas intuitive thinkers, too lazy to make the effort to think it out, resort to the search engine on their smartphones. Reading information from a book gives more impact than information read on a screen. Our conceptual thinking is less when we collect information through a screen.

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