4 Must-buy Summer Gadgets!

26 Apr 2018
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The heat is on and you need cool stuff whether you are walking the dog or taking a dip in the pool. Hasan Shaban takes his pick

Breathe easy with Scorkl

The best time to snorkel in Omani waters is summer. Many people find it hard to use a lot of traditional snorkelling equipment, and for them the Scorkl Underwater Breathing Device is a real boon. The device provides you with a full 10 minutes of underwater breathing time.

The gadget can be activated with a simple pump. The instructions are pretty straightforward, place it in your mouth and hold the device with your hand.

Buy it from Gadget Flow for RO78.

Read on the swim

Swimming pools get packed in summer and you get very little space to flex your muscles, so why not do some reading?

Reading? Yes, you read that right! Waterfi, a company that develops waterproof accessories and editions of our day-to-day gadgets, has come up with a water-proof kindle.

The Waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite by Waterfi comes in two colours and can hold thousands of books with its 4gb space. It is waterproof down to 210 feet underwater.

Buy it from waterfi.com for RO65.

Keep beach click risks at bay

Stylish, flashy and handy. The Cooper Cases Beach Bag 2-in-1 Universal Tablet & Smartphone Sleeve is great for Instagrammers who like to post their images at the beach without getting their phones dirty.

These cases not only keep your tablet/phone free from sand but also provide you easy access to the touch screen.

Buy it from coopercases.com for RO8.


Dog’s delight

Muscat’s scorching summer does not spare animals. They need to be kept in the shed, and preferably in a closed, air conditioned place.

But what if it’s still too hot and humid in the evening and you need to take your dog out for a walk? You just need to get this Icool Scarf.

The non-toxic polymer inflates when water is added to the scarf. Put it around the dog’s neck to relieve heat. No refrigeration needed. Just add more water for continuous use.

Buy it from dogopet.com for RO4.6.

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