The Voice of Oman: Why should we ‘go digital’?

04 Mar 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

When people are hooked to the web and hang out on social media, the companies need to go digital to be on the same page. Robin Sebastian explains how the connection works

Go digital’ is the most common mantra chanted in the marketing departments of the companies in the Sultanate. It is worth looking into the reasons why the companies here are talking about going digital. 

According to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Internet penetration in Oman is around 75 percent and more than 65 percent of the mobile users have smartphones. These figures will provide a clear indication of how strongly the people of Oman are connected with the digital world. When a majority of my target audience is spending time on various digital platforms, me as a brand should be present among them with my branding and marketing communications. 

Now the question is: how can I be in the eco system of my potential customers digitally? 

Currently, a majority of companies believe that having a social media page will ensure digital presence. Unfortunately, that — a social media page — is just the beginning. A company need to have a fully responsive website to provide complete information. Then the company need to reach out to its target audience via various digital marketing tools like Google Display Network, Google Search, Social Media boosting, etc. Thanks to Google and Facebook for making these marketing platforms affordable even for small
business units.


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