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Top 4 gadgets for your car

From navigation info to audio system, cooling box and capacitive touchscreen, it’s all about car, comfort and convenience. Alvin Thomas leaves it all to you — take your pick


Taking your eyes off the road can be dangerous when driving. A simple glance away from the road could spell trouble – and perhaps even lead to injury or, worse, death. To avoid such a scenario, you should invest in a heads-up display – and who better to trust than the pioneers Garmin? This Garmin HUD+ aids attentive driving by projecting vital data such as speed, speed limits, traffic updates, turn-by-turn navigation pointers, distance to destination and much more to the windscreen. We’re not sure how the screen will hold up in the summer months and if the plastic body can survive the scorching heat, but it’s still a great bet. Available at buy.garmin.com from RO57.8

Retro Fit

Bluetooth audio systems are standard across most cars that are sold today, however, that wasn’t the case a few years ago. And if you’re stuck with a cassette player in your car and don’t have that latest ‘The Weekend’ album on a cassette, then it’s time to get the ION Audio Cassette Adapter Bluetooth. It does exactly what its name suggests: stream audio from your phone to your car. The cassette player comes with a built-in Bluetooth receiver, and it should give you a good two hours of music playback before the internal battery conks out. Buy it from amazon.com for RO6.3

Keep it cool

Come summer, most of us will be scrambling into shops looking for cool boxes and ice to keep our drinks cold and our food from going bad. But you can avoid all that with the Wagan Personal Fridge. The device plugs straight into your car’s 12V DC outlet and can cool nine cans down to 5°C without breaking any sweat. What’s even better is that it doubles up as a cool box once your car is switched off, so you can keep all perishables inside it cool for two hours. Get this from amazon.com for RO17.3


Car Play

Car audio company Pioneer is taking a shot at aftermarket touchscreen devices with Apple CarPlay functionality, and it has opened the market to a new breed of in-car infotainment head units with superior specifications than most OEM parts. The Pioneer AppRadio 4 – which is essentially a 6.2-inch capacitive touchscreen – is one of them, but it steals the show with its quirky yet purposeful home screen, striking graphical interface and a slew of audio functions. It should also slot into a regular four-inch tall dash opening without any hitches. Buy this from amazon.com for RO154