Three ways to keep your house clean

25 Mar 2018
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More space, so tidy and quick access to often-used things. Here’s how you could do it.

Organising the closet is an overwhelming experience if you leave things to pile up into a real mess, but if you find a bit of time to do a few things now and then, the task will be simpler than you thought.

To start with, you will have to take all your clothes out. Divide them into three piles as:

  • Give-away pile
  • Throw-away pile
  • Keep pile

Clothes which are torn and worn out and should not be donated can be kept in the throw-away pile. Don’t hang on to clothes which you think you might wear someday. Be honest to yourself and try on your clothes and decide if you will wear them. Clothes which you keep aside that way are the clothes you will never end up wearing. So, keep such clothes, and the clothes which don’t fit you anymore, to the donation pile.

If your closet is small, hang most of your clothes. You can attach two three hangers too with the help of a paperclip. When you organise your clothes, make sure you are able to see every outfit, or else you will end up forgetting about them and never wearing them. Keep boxes to organise socks and scarves.

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