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The importance of wearing the right colours

Be more positive, energetic and confident wearing the right colours. Remember these tips when you shop for clothes the next time.

Some colours drain your energy and some others boost it. According to colour therapists, people should wear strong and bright colours when they feel low.

According to a Chakra healer, the right combination of colours can heal you.

Yellow has a mood-upgrading quality and it’s perfect for reducing depression. This colour depicts sunshine which adds cheers to your low life and stimulates your happiness side.

Bright colours like red and pink exudes power. Red is a colour which puckers up your mood the moment you wear it.

It’s time to rethink before you grab the greys and blacks to work — these are colours that provide no energy.

Orange colour is known to enhance warmth and energy. Blue colour makes you feel smart.

White, the favourite of many, brings calmness.