Sonia Ambrosio talks about rock-and-roll in Oman

15 Mar 2018
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Just a few weeks since Sifahstock 2018, and Sonia Ambrosio is itching for the next edition of the Omani version of Woodstock where people can have fun, responsibly.

Taking on a topic as broad as entertainment involves some soul-searching. There are those shows sponsored, and moneymaking. But I will tackle the events organised purely on a volunteer basis where camaraderie and collaboration are the drive to provide fun.

The sound of rock-and-roll in an open desert, or against the ocean as a backdrop, is the perfect setting to tease visitors. Music, peace, love, and happiness are the motto of the atmosphere. I must say, it is now just a few weeks since Sifahstock 2018, and I am itching for the next event.

For years this non-profit, informal popular music fair that resembles the ‘spirit of the Sixties’ has attracted enthusiasts to the Wahiba Sands, the plains of Jebel Akhdar and, more recently, to the beaches in Sifah.

From Jebelstock to Sandstock the myriad of labels is just a hint on of the amazing volunteer work that puts Oman on the international map where people have fun – responsibly.  It is a tiny scale reminder of the Woodstock music and art fair from the 60s. Here is just music!

Amateur bands made up of music lovers — who during the week are workers as any of us — roll the sleeves up to offer a show in which music and enjoyment can go all day till late in the evening — for free!

The music festival brings together families and friends who get involved with organising signposts, first aid, and overseeing that safety rules are in place. Logistical details are carefully considered.

Without creating chaos to communities, the festival works as a postcard to the world, showing Oman as a nice place to visit. As a family-orientated event, it doesn’t matter if one is 8 or 80-years-old, the atmosphere is proper for all ages.

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