Small changes can make a big difference in your home decor

18 Mar 2018
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Luxury mixed with the right colour, comfort and utility — that’s the new trend in home decor, writes Gayathri Das. 

 Functionally essential and not-so-necessary items arranged in an aesthetic way amid the right colours could create an ambience that will put a spring in your step when you arrive home after a hectic day in the office or elsewhere. Learn more about the latest trends.


Curved sofas are trending in urban lifestyle. It is an add-on to the usual L-shaped seating arrangement and is perfect for curved spaces. Suitable for a rectangular room, it looks beautiful viewed from any angle.

Minimal space

When you are decorating minimal space, monochrome themes are the best. You need not stick to black and white tones — give your home the warmth it requires by adding a splash of colours.


Looks like ultraviolet is the colour of the year. Being used in linen, upholstery fabrics and drapery, it gives a trendy look if you combine it with suitable colours.


With increasing pollution, air-purifying plants at home are essential, say experts. Use decorative pots to add beauty to your home.

Metallic accents

Use of metals in artwork, furniture, lightings has always been setting the trends. In combination with wood, glass or marble, metals add to the dynamism. They give a refreshing look to your home when combined with suitable colours of the furniture and the walls.

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