Skin Rules

14 Mar 2018
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Growing old gracefully is a matter of spotless skin and beautiful eyes. Gayathri Das gives you the tips to stay young

The twenties are the age where you are involved in pampering your skin most. Your skin at old age depends on the care given at this age. Grow beautiful as you grow old and age gracefully by following a few rules.


The main damage creator of skin is the sun rays. Protect your skin from these rays to avoid problems to your skin after you cross your 20s. Make sure you apply sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun and reapply them every four hours. Choose a sunscreen that suits your skin, depending on your skin type. Make sure to apply sunscreen on areas which you think is covered too. Don’t forget to protect your lips too with an SPF balm.

Let it breathe

Give your skin a breathing space. Look your best with all the makeup you adore, but make sure you go makeup-free at least once or twice a week. Your skin too breathes. So, leave it free to breathe and allow it to repair and heal by itself.

Don’t experiment

There are a lot of new products coming into the market day by day which make you tempted to try them and look gorgeous. Make sure you find a product that suits your skin and hair and stick to it. Trying out new products all the time will put your skin at risk to reactions. Do not make frequent changes to your products.

Makeup free

It is tempting to go to bed after a long day or a party. That is the most dangerous thing you can do to ruin your skin. Make sure to remove all your makeup at night as your skin too needs an eight-hour sleep to refresh.

Mind your eyes

Signs of ageing are first seen around your eyes. Start using an under-eye cream from your late twenties to avoid those puffy eyes and dark circles around your eyes. It’s the most sensitive area on your face so be mild with those beautiful eyes and the area around them.

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