Oman sees worrying rise in underweight kids

28 Mar 2018
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The Oman National Nutrition Survey 2017 by UNICEF Oman and the Ministry of Health sheds light on nutritional health concerns that are prevalent over the Sultanate.

The report read that a staggering 11.2 per cent of children – under the age of five – in the Sultanate are underweight, while 11.4 per cent of them suffer from stunting. The latter is when a child isn’t able to grow or develop properly.

Source: @UNICEFOman (Twitter)

On the other hand, 3.1 per cent of children in the Sultanate have been recorded overweight, while 1.1 per cent are obese.

Source: @UNICEFOman (Twitter)

The report also provided details on the nutrition of women in the country.

It found that 59.2 per cent of Omani women (ages 15 – 49) are either in the category of overweight or obese, which represents a “public health issue in Oman”.

In addition, 41.5 per cent were recorded as suffering from Vitamin D Insufficiency and 27.8 per cent from Anaemia.

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