Offering unsolicited advice to your partner may do more harm than good

18 Mar 2018
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Why constantly dishing out advice to your partner is unwelcome. Gayathri Das has the answer. 

 Relations tend to take a negative turn when you nag someone to do things or when one doesn’t get enough space to do what they want to. Avoiding small things in a relation could help turn it into a beautiful one forever.

You don’t have to dish out advice about all things under the sun. Yes, talking is key to a healthy relation, but not talking in an advice mode. This puts pressure on your partner who will start feeling you are a nag. Partners must have the freedom to share views and the freedom to think things out and see if the thought is acceptable by the other or not.


Don’t make your partner completely dependent on you. You should not end up being a father figure or mother figure to your partner. That actually leads to killing the positive sparks between you. You don’t have to do everything for your partner. Let your partner be independent.

Solving problems

Do you try to solve all your partner’s problems? Well, that’s not a good sign. Give your partner the space to solve his or her problem on their own rather than depending on you. This is a good thing to do as you will help your partner build their self-esteem.

So, stop being a preacher and be a friend and see how your life changes.

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