Nepal, a magical Retreat

14 Mar 2018
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With its ancient temples, royal palaces and peaking mountains, Nepal has much to offer to the discerning tourist. Head to this magical country to experience it all.

There are several places in south Asia that fit the bill as tourist destinations. Sitting atop my list is Nepal, right alongside India and Bhutan. My last trip to Nepal was in 2015. But every so often, a place as placid as that requires a revisit – you know – to rekindle the beautiful memories that were scripted during the stay there.

I’ve had to dig into the depths of my archives for this Postcard, but I’ll tell you what: Just thinking about the place brings a smile to my face. The experience begins when you fly into the nation. Call me crazy, but everybody you see and interact with wears a smile on their face. No, really! I found myself doubting whether I was playing the lead actor in a desi version of the famous movie, ‘Truman Show’.

But fret not, because Nepal, much like Oman, welcomes tourists with open arms. Visitors, as one local put it, “is a gift from God”. And boy, they really do take care of their tourists. This further ties in with the country’s tagline: ‘Once is not enough.’

Nepal is a travelling nirvana, with visitors presented with options of trekking, meditating, soul-searching and exploring. It really does bring in the best of Europe while still providing you with Asian hospitality.

Most travellers opt to begin their trip by trekking up the mountains. Well, after all, it is the home of Mt Everest (it shares the landform with Tibet). Trekking is hard work due to the harsh climatic conditions. Nepal reportedly has five different climates depending on the altitude.

Still, daredevils scale the mountains daily; it’s Nepal’s greatest source of income. Speaking of which, have you tried out Momos? The south-Asian dumplings are marketed all around the world, including Europe, and has taken the world by storm. Also common in the area the dal bhat (lentil soup) and several other curries sans spice.

Dramatic landscapes and succulent food aside, Nepal is known for its striking Hindu and Buddhist temples. These are always packed with pilgrims travelling from as far as Europe and the US.

Of late, tourists following the infamous ‘Hippie Trail’ have been stopping over at Kathmandu – the capital of Nepal – before heading into India.


1. Meditate at the Buddhist shrine of Boudhanath

2. Explore the Chitwan National Park

3. Go sightseeing in the Kathmandu Valley

4. Indulge in Nepalese cuisine

5. Take photos of the famous Pashupatinath Temple  

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