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Metal Gear Survive

Too many flaws, starting from a thin, petty plot to a slow, dreary gameplay, have spoiled this boring survival broth. Alvin Thomas on why you should stay away from an uninspiring alternative universe experience

All right. So, where do I start: The gameplay? The storyline? The mechanics? Irrespective of how I approach this, I have a low opinion of the new game – Metal Gear Survive. While there’s nothing noteworthy about the new game (it’s definitely not fit for a review) in the series, it’s still a game that exists in the ilk that has long defined first-person action games.

But the fact that the game completely deviates from the synergy that has long been associated with the long-loved franchise distresses me. Metal Gear Survive has many, many flaws that catapult it far away from its core concept of tactical warfare, and that make it a strenuous game to play.

It’s not hard to grasp where it all went awry. It reeks of a patch-up act post the untimely and controversial departure of Hideo Kojami – the mastermind behind Metal Gear games of old – from Konami.

While the concept of zombies has been toyed with by Metal Gear in previous years, this time around the game completely shifts its focus onto survival and adventure than warfare. Simply put, it’s a pointless sci-fi search and rescue mission.

The storyline is just as gimmicky, too (duh!). Set in a period following the attack on Mother Base from the previous Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, a wormhole into a parallel world appears, sucking the base – which consists of Snake’s Militaires Sans Frontieres and the attacking XOF forces – into it, thereby leaving a sizeable chunk of the base in jeopardy.

It’s uncanny, I tell you.Yes, there’s a certain sense of satisfaction you get when you gather wood, rags, food and other essentials when you – the protagonist – is sent out to find the base, but it’s undeniably reminiscent of the super-hit game ‘Don’t Starve’– saving for the maturity in the gameplay, perhaps.

Nevertheless, hours of drab and the gameplay ensues. The final product is tiring and uninspired, and the narration – which (thankfully) does incorporate the pseudoscience and oddball politics that the franchise is known for – still seems forceful.

Also, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the alternative universe looks a lot like the environments featured in previous Metal Gear titles.

It’s best to stay away from this game. So, my advice to you is to save yourself a few Riyals and buy The Outpatient or… well… the Don’t Starve game on PS4.

Info Box

Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment

Publisher: Konami

Series: Metal Gear

Engine: Fox Engine

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Genre: Action-adventure, survival