Is airport parking too expensive for you? This Omani businessman has found a solution

29 Mar 2018
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Is airport parking too expensive for you? An Omani charity-worker-turned-entrepreneur steps in with a total solution to your transport problems, writes Hasan al Lawati

Have you ever delayed your car service because you could not find a free lift? Or had a late-night flight and was forced to drive alone and park your car in the pricy parking lot at the airport?

Omani entrepreneur Ali Al Bimany has been facing such dilemmas for years. And that inspired him to come up with an idea that is sure to make many happy: Zajil

The 35-year-old Sultan Qaboos University graduate set up Zajil, an Omani SME, to provide you with a temporary driver who picks up your car and parks it where you want.

Zajil is an Arabic word used to describe pigeons that deliver letters.

“Taking your vehicle to the workshop is a time-consuming activity. Zajil helps busy employees save time,” says Al Bimany.

“Moreover, Zajil ensures independency as you don’t need to bother a friend late at night or during working hours,” he adds.

Ordering a Zajil driver costs RO6. It’s RO11 for a round trip. An official car dealer will soon offer Zajil services to
its customers.

With two full-time employees and more than five part-time drivers, Zajil is stepping up its marketing game through social media advertising.

Zajil operates for 24 hours. However, Al Bimany says it is always better to book a driver a day before any appointment.

Influenced by his previous volunteer work in charitable organisations, Al Bimany says his ambitious project is not purely aimed at making profits, but at providing a useful service to the community as well.

He has also launched Muwasalatekmobile app which provides carpooling services and vehicle rentals. “This app is totally free. We charge nothing.”

Muwasalatek is available on iOS and Android platforms and “provides easy and flexible one-stop shop for transport owners who want to provide their services and for people who need transportation services”.

“Oman lacks such services, and we need to establish more app-based initiatives to provide people with more transportation options, especially now when petrol prices are going up,” he adds.

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