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How the internet of things could transform the way we live

How about having your own barista at home to serve you a piping hot cup of coffee? Stimulating, yes! Alvin Thomas checks out how the internet of things could transform the way we live


There’s no denying that normal life – up to an extent – will come to a complete halt without the internet; that’s just the world we currently live in. Avoid such situations at home by installing the tp-link 450Mbps Wireless N Router. The device provides a range of up to 10,000sq ft., which is admirable performance from a basic router. As its name suggests, it provides up to 450Mbps of wireless speed (under ideal conditions), and you get three strong antennas to increase the wireless robustness and stability. To secure your router, there’s a WPS button that will enable encryption. We’ve been using this device (with about seven connected devices) for a while with no hitches and loss in throughput. Buy this from LuLu Electronics for RO22.8 along with a range extender for free

Coffee Maker

Having the right kind of coffee in the morning can brighten up your mood for the day. And if you’re one that takes your morning coffee seriously, then it’s best you invest in the Behmor Connected Temperature Control Coffee Maker. The device connects to your home WiFi and – after tethering it to an iOS or Android application – can pre-heat your coffee to the temperature of your choice. Apart from that, it can also pre-soak your coffee grounds, create pulsating water flows and delay the brewing cycle to create the perfect blend for you. Think of it as your very own barista. Get yours from amazon.com for RO65.1

Dash Wand

If you were hoping to cast magical spells on people with this device then it’s best that you look elsewhere because the Amazon Dash Wand – despite certain features that make it look magical – is essentially an Amazon Alexa that will fit right into your pocket. The device, with its built-in microphone and speaker, can help you make use of Alexa’s ever-growing list of features. It can tell the prices of goods, time, weather, play music, navigate you and, best of all, scan the price of goods with its barcode scanner. While all of this is amazing, Alexa is also known to be a great tête-à-tête starter. Just don’t introduce it as your friend in parties… trust me. Get this for a mere RO2.3(yes, you heard that right) from amazon.com


Smart Bags

We’ve heard of smartphones, smart watches and smart toys, but this smart bag is definitely a first for us. The BlueSmart One is – yes, you guessed it – a smart bag with several features. It comes with its very own GPS tracker, a SIM card slot and 3G connectivity, which can come in handy if you’ve lost your valuable luggage. But that’s not all, you can even charge two of your smartphones courtesy the built-in 10,000mAh battery; check the weight of your goods using the built-in scale; and also remotely lock or unlock the bag. In short, it’s the perfect gadget for the modern traveller… or maybe Inspector Gadget. The bag will set you back a hefty RO134.8 on amazon.com