Guide to teaching your child table manners

08 Mar 2018
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Never ever chew with your mouth open. That’s rule number one, and here are a few more dining rules kids need to be taught.

Let’s start training our children in the basic table manners. Table manners also show your respect to those around you. Table manners show one’s upbringing, refinement, and awareness towards other people. These are a few easy-to-follow tricks.

First and foremost, switch off your mobiles before settling down. You don’t need interruptions when you enjoy your meal. Make sure you wait for the others to be seated.

Make sure when you are seated for a meal your posture is upright and you don’t lean on to the chair or table. This also supports proper digestion.

Make sure you put your napkin on your lap.

When you start your meal, make sure that everyone else on the table is served.

Make sure you hold your spoon, fork, and knife in the right hands.

If you are not using one of your hands, make sure you keep that hand down and not on the table.

Always ask someone to pass you the dish rather than leaning on the table to get it.

It is fine to have certain foods with your hands, depending on what the food is.

The most important table etiquette is: do not chew and talk with food in your mouth and avoid smacking noises and chewing with your mouth open. This creates discomfort to the others. Make sure to take small bites to avoid this.

If you need to get up while having your meal, say “excuse me, I’ll be right back”.

Once you’re done with your meal, fold your napkin and place it on the left side of your plate.

So, let’s start practising these in our homes and train our little ones.

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