Four students diagnosed with rash symptoms: Ministry of Health

26 Mar 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Four students in a school in North Al Batinah has been affected with rashes, the Ministry of Health (MoH) reported on Monday.

However, the ministry said that there is no need to panic as they have followed up on these cases and have got all the required tests done.

In a statement on twiter, MOH said “Four students with this case were admitted to the hospital for a further check-up and were discharged within two-days.”

The MOH added “The other students with this case were cured without any need for treatment.”

The Ministry confirmed that there should be no reason for parents to be worried. “Parents have to take their children to the nearest health center in case they noticed any symptoms,” said the statement.

However, it has asked people to follow healthy habits and cover their nose, mouth while sneezing and coughing and to wash their hands regularly.

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