Fashion Week: Ruffle it up!

29 Mar 2018
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Fashion weeks this year have showcased a lot of ruffles. This trend has passed on to the high street – and brands are crying over them in full flair. Albeit, we are not complaining.

The general rule of fashion is, when in doubt, wear your little black dress. Now, when that dress is in trend, it makes the whole ensemble even better. F&F has this super chic ruffle black dress waiting for you to shop for RO12

Yes, Muscat has officially entered the summer season and jackets are totally out of question. However, when style calls for a vogue jacket, it’s time to pull out your biker jacket. If you don’t have one, shop this uber biker jacket from Superdry right away for RO81

If you are not in a mood to dress up in ruffles, you can still add a bit of it to your collective. Dressed in simple jeans and tee, add this kaleidoscopic ruffle jacket to your attire and make it go from bald to vogue spicy! Pick up this jacket form ZARA for RO36

If you are feeling bold, then this dress is for you. It’s on trend with multiple ruffles and the bright and bold floral designs will elevate your style factor. Shop it today at New Look for RO13.5

Summer is on, but have you equipped yourself? Try this pair of cat-eye mirrored sunglasses from H&M to keep yourself fashionably protected. Buy it for RO5

There is something high fashion about wearing contrasting jewellery. It highlights both the dress and the accessory. We are in love with this rhinestone earring from ZARA. Buy it for RO9

There is something very elegant and vintage about lace-up boots. But this kind of boots can complement any kind of dress and give that perfect style edge. Pick this pair of fashionable lace-up boots from F&F for RO13.5

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