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Fashion pains

Your obsession with looking smart wearing the latest in fashion may be making you suffer in pain silently, writes Gayathri Das.

 Have you ever thought that your everyday fashion could be harming you? Various surveys are showing that products you adore to make a statement may be leaving you weak, sick and in extreme pain.

Tight-fit jeans
Regular usage of tight-fit skinny jeans can result in a condition called meralgia paresthetica. It’s a condition where the nerves that supply sensation are affected, causing issues like urinary infections, bladder weakness, fungal infection, etc.

High heels

Heels give you a tall, proud feel but in the long run you may regret your obsession. Regular use of heels changes your posture and causes a heavy strain on your lower back which may take ages to heal. It can also cause issues like varicose vein over a period of time.


Heavy earrings make you beautiful, but your ear lobes might get affected gradually. Regular usage of danglers causes tearing of the ear lobes. Make sure you at least use ear supporters when you use such earrings.


Most women prefer big bags to load their things. But this extra load could leave a bad impact on your neck, lower back, upper back and shoulders. Make sure that your bag doesn’t hang below your waist.