Easy tips to make ginger juice and bread burfi

18 Mar 2018
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Ginger juice

Whip up a perfect drink — for cooling your body and for proper digestion

Add 100g ginger to half a litre homemade lime juice and keep the mixture overnight. Next day, make a syrup out of 1kg sugar and half a litre water and add one desert spoon lime juice to it. When the sugar dissolves completely keep it aside to cool. Add the lime ginger mixture to the syrup and stir and strain to a bowl. You can refrigerate this drink and have it often and get refreshed.

Bread burfi

Easy, delicious sweet without much ado

 Take four slices of bread and remove the sides and powder them in a mixer. Add a little milk to it to make a smooth paste and keep it aside. Heat a spoon of ghee and once the colour changes to brown add 3 spoons of scrapped coconut and 2 and a half spoons of sugar.

When the sugar melts and the colour changes, add the bread and milk mixture and sauté on a low flame till it dries up. Transfer this to a greased plate and refrigerate it. Once cooled, cut it into square pieces. You can garnish it with cashew nuts or almonds.

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